Writing Inspiration Places- How To Get Into The Zone

Bradley W. Deacon
6 min readAug 13, 2022
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We all experience writer's block, whether you are putting your book together or preparing a Medium article. On experiencing this over the years, I have discovered that by experimenting with a range of locations, you may just find that one spot that is your go-to spot to write.

Some people like the solitude of a particular room with no noise whatsoever. I, for one, am a people person and love both hustle and bustle around me and, at times, the serenity of a city slowly awakening at 4.30 AM with the Kookaburras belting out their magical tunes.

At all times, my first writing session for the day will be with a coffee in hand, and once you establish an early rising routine, it becomes second nature, and it is truly a perfect way to start your day. If, like me, you have a day job, the two hours before your working day commencing is pure gold.

With a clear mind, you can focus on your writing, and you will be amazed at how the words just come to mind, and a solid draft will be underway in no time.

I find writing clears the mind before you commence your daily grind, and it is part of my self-care mindfulness strategy.

My creative spaces tips

Here are my tips; of course, you may resonate with some, and hopefully, some will inspire you to explore various writing zones. I firmly believe that having a range of locations will keep your writing mind fresh, and your mind won't become stale from writing from one location day in and day out.

Favourite beverage

Those who follow my Instagram know that I love morning coffee, which is a must. Find your favourite beverage and try to have that by your side as you start to write.

Location location location

If you prefer to escape the house, find your favourite cafe; I go for a host of features and must-haves, these being:

  • Ambience
  • Great cafe tunes
  • Comfortable seating
  • Amazing staff
  • Sensational coffee

Overall it must ooze the creative vibe from within. One where you see happy customers engaging in conversation, a welcoming attitude…



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