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Bradley W. Deacon
3 min readMay 25
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In the spirit of sharing knowledge and connecting with more readers, I’ve made an exciting decision: all my articles on Medium are now FREE for everyone! This move is fueled by the realization that these thought-provoking pieces have been nudging readers toward my array of books available on Amazon. My aim is to generate income and enlighten, inspire, and stimulate meaningful conversations. (Please be patient as I remove the paywall from all my Medium articles over the next few days)

Why lock wisdom behind a paywall when it can serve as a beacon, guiding countless readers to further in-depth explorations of intriguing subjects? With Medium being an excellent platform for enhancing SEO and creating awareness, opening my articles for free seems a perfect way to drive traffic to my work. If you’re an author, consider using this strategy and a Pro package on Linktree to track your traffic.

If you’re intrigued, let me invite you to embark on a reading journey with my books that cover many subjects on Amazon. Enjoy these as paperbacks, eBooks, or if you’re a member, Kindle Unlimited grants you free access.

  1. “#effinmoments: We have all had them”: This humorous book invites you to find laughter in everyday frustrations, reminding us not to sweat the small stuff.
  2. “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With A FIGJAM Mindset: F%CK I’m good just ask me”: A motivational guidebook offering strategies to conquer self-doubt and bolster self-belief.
  3. “A Career In Cyber?: …where are the #$*&@!% jobs?”: This engaging read demystifies the field of cyber, inspiring readers to consider this path, regardless of their technical skills.
  4. “The Need To Know For Police Applicants: What the careers advisor at College or high school may have missed”: A comprehensive guide full of insights for aspiring law enforcement officers, straight from an experienced insider.
  5. “Grow Your Brand By Being Social: Social Media for positive outcomes”: A DIY handbook that unpacks how social media platforms can be harnessed to elevate your brand.
  6. “The Podcasting Survival Guide: Tips and Tricks for Navigating the Podcasting Landscape”: A valuable resource offering tips and…
Bradley W. Deacon

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