Treating ChatGPT As Your Intern Has Endless Possibilities — No Matter What Your Industry

Bradley W. Deacon
4 min readMar 23
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If you have been following my “Using ChatGPT as Your Intern” list here on Medium, you may already know that I recently asked the platform to suggest names for my chatbot buddy. She provided me with a selection of options, and one word stood out: “Echo.”

As I write my first fiction novel, “Tower 51: The Most Connected Tower in the World — Where There Are No Secrets,” Echo is proving to be worth every penny of her USD $20 monthly fee and more.

Podcast Series and Episode Planner

Preparing my outline for one of my characters, a Podcast host that lives in the tower, I asked Echo to prepare episodes for a ten-part series on cybercrime issues facing the residents of Tower 51, and this is what she provided me:

Great idea! Here are ten suggested podcast episodes for your Tower 51 Cybercrime fiction novel:

  1. Episode 1: Introduction to Tower 51 — A brief overview of the most connected tower in the world and the potential threats it poses
  2. Episode 2: The Internet of Things (IoT) and its role in cybercrime — A discussion on how IoT devices can be exploited for malicious purposes
  3. Episode 3: The Dark Web — An exploration of the anonymous and unregulated side of the internet where cybercriminals often operate
  4. Episode 4: Social engineering and phishing attacks — A look at how cybercriminals use psychological manipulation to deceive people and obtain sensitive information
  5. Episode 5: Ransomware and its impact on individuals and organizations — A discussion on how ransomware attacks work and their devastating consequences
  6. Episode 6: The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybercrime — A conversation on how AI can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes in cybercrime
  7. Episode 7: The ethics of cybercrime — An exploration of the ethical considerations involved in cybercrime, such as data privacy and security
  8. Episode 8: Protecting yourself and your devices — A practical guide on how individuals can safeguard themselves from cyber threats
  9. Episode 9: Cybercrime and
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