The Quiet Fade of the Bathroom Attendant: From Bars to Oblivion

Bradley W. Deacon
3 min readMay 20
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Who misses the bathroom attendant of days gone by?

Once an iconic figure in bars and restaurants, the bathroom attendant was a beacon of hospitality, providing patrons with mints, cologne, hand towels, and even hair products. However, over the years, this role has become increasingly rare, leaving many to ask: What happened to the bathroom attendant?

The bathroom attendant’s role dates back centuries when their services were considered a mark of high-end establishments. They were instrumental in creating a full-service experience, ensuring guests felt catered to even in the most personal of spaces. But as the decades passed, this once prevalent job began to lose its prominence.

One significant factor behind the decline of bathroom attendants is the societal shift towards a more automated, less personal experience. Advances in technology have largely reduced the necessity for manual help in maintaining restrooms. Hand dryers have replaced hand towels, automatic dispensers provide soap and sanitizer, and even air fresheners have become automated. The sophistication of these innovations has played a significant role in the attenuation of the bathroom attendant role.

Economic factors have also contributed to the fading away of this position. In an effort to cut costs, many establishments have opted to forgo hiring a bathroom attendant. This move was further accelerated by the economic downturn resulting from various crises, such as the global financial crisis of 2008 and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. Establishments had to trim their budgets, and non-essential roles were often the first to go.

Additionally, societal attitudes toward bathroom attendants have changed over time. What was once seen as a luxury or mark of prestige is now often viewed as an invasion of privacy. Many patrons prefer to go about their business without the presence of another person in such a private setting.

Despite the decline, the profession hasn’t entirely disappeared. There are still some upscale bars, restaurants, and clubs that employ bathroom attendants, especially in big cities. These establishments use bathroom attendants as a way to offer a unique and personalized customer experience that sets them…

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