Publishing a Book on Imposter Syndrome to Become #1 on Kindle in Psychology Books

Bradley W. Deacon
3 min readMay 18


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Although it was only for a day, when my book reached the top spot on Kindle in the Psychology category and secured the second position in Personal Growth and Inspiration genres, (At the time of publishing this article) I realized the immense popularity of publishing a book on Imposter Syndrome. Drawing from my experience as a former lecturer at universities and Police Academies, I recognized the widespread interest in this topic.

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Writing a book on Imposter Syndrome offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to raise awareness about this common psychological phenomenon that affects individuals across various fields and professions. By shedding light on Imposter Syndrome, you can help people recognize and understand their own experiences, leading to improved support systems and strategies for overcoming it.

Moreover, embarking on the journey of researching and writing about Imposter Syndrome promotes personal growth and self-reflection. As you delve into the subject matter, you deepen your understanding of the complexities surrounding Imposter Syndrome and develop strategies for coping with it. This process can be transformative and contribute to your own personal development.

By sharing your knowledge, experiences, and practical strategies for overcoming Imposter Syndrome, you can provide guidance and support to others who may be struggling with it. Your book becomes a valuable resource, offering actionable advice, tools, and relatable stories that empower readers to build confidence and navigate Imposter Syndrome.

Furthermore, publishing a book on Imposter Syndrome can establish you as an expert in the field, opening up professional opportunities such as speaking engagements, workshops, consulting, and collaborations. Your expertise and insights can be sought after by organizations, academic institutions, and individuals seeking to address Imposter Syndrome within their respective contexts.

Beyond personal and professional benefits, your book contributes to the existing body of knowledge on Imposter Syndrome. By offering your unique perspective, research, and experiences, you add value to the field of psychology, self-help, personal development, and related disciplines. Your work may inspire further research and exploration of Imposter Syndrome, fostering a deeper understanding of its causes, effects, and interventions.

Considering the popularity and significance of Imposter Syndrome, writing a book on this topic has the potential to make a meaningful impact on both yourself and others. It allows you to share valuable insights, help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs, and contribute to a broader understanding of this psychological phenomenon.

Just Do It

In closing, I urge you to embrace the idea of publishing a book on Imposter Syndrome. Your voice and experiences matter, and the impact of your words can reach far beyond what you might imagine. Remember, even if it was just for a day, reaching the top spot on Kindle in the Psychology category and securing the second position in Personal Growth and Inspiration genres demonstrates the immense popularity and relevance of this topic.

By shedding light on Imposter Syndrome, you have the power to raise awareness, foster personal growth, and empower countless individuals on their journey to overcome self-doubt and embrace their true potential. Your book can be a beacon of hope, providing practical strategies, relatable stories, and a roadmap to navigate the challenges of Imposter Syndrome.

Additionally, through your work, you can establish yourself as an expert, opening doors to professional opportunities and collaborations that further advance the understanding and support for those affected by Imposter Syndrome. So, take that leap of faith, trust in your unique perspective, and unleash your voice upon the world. Together, let us make a lasting impact and create a future where individuals no longer feel constrained by the grips of Imposter Syndrome.



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