How One Free App Has Increased My Digital Footprint and Exposure Exponentially

Bradley W. Deacon
3 min readApr 17, 2022
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With over 40,000+ who Follow my Instagram and Twitter, you would think I would have no problem gaining exposure to my various digital channels. The trouble is, I use so many platforms to promote my books and Medium articles that it is hard to harness all of them in one easy to reach location.

Linktree at your fingertips

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For those that have not discovered Linktree, it is a great free tool that gives you some great analytics. I believe the free version is sufficient to help you gain exposure to your work on Medium, Simily and any other platform you may have.

Adding your Linktree to your social channels

If you have a website, you are more than just your website, click on all of my links on my Linktree profile at the base of this article and see how seamless it is for people to find what you have to offer.

I highly recommend you include your Linktree profile on your Instagram and Twitter accounts and in your email signature block.

You may think your website provides links to everything you do, but I generally believe this will appeal to most of your audience, who may get lost on your website with information overload.

Linktree gives your audience a snapshot of who you are.


  • It is free
  • It takes about fifteen minutes to set up
  • The analytics on the free version is adequate
  • It has a clean feel about it
  • The page is visually appealing and does not overwhelm

I would appreciate your feedback on this great tool and feel free to drop a comment and a clap below.

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