How an Ideas Section in My Journaling App Is Now My Go-To for Capturing Article Ideas

Bradley W. Deacon
2 min readApr 15, 2022
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With Medium removing the draft feature from their app, I no longer can commence drafts articles as they come to mind. For those that write, I am sure you can relate to ideas coming to mind at 2 AM as you lay in bed or on your morning commute.

Thankfully, I have tailored the Ideas Section of my Day One Journalling App to jot down article ideas as I think of them. The app is a game-changer in capturing thoughts on the run.

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The app offers a host of other great features and is worth exploring if you miss the ability to capture ideas on the go in Medium.

What I like is the ‘On This Day’ section that captures not only your journal entries but also any photos you took, your Instagram and Twitter posts as well if you link your accounts.

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