Experience the Joy of Being Part of a Criminology Club: Your Key to Enriching Your Career Path

Bradley W. Deacon
2 min readMay 26, 2023
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Imagine stepping into the world of criminology with a unique advantage: an empowering network that serves as your support system and personal growth incubator. This is what I discovered when I joined my university’s Criminology Club, and I am thrilled to share the incredible benefits with you.

With over 15 years of law enforcement experience and an Australian practicing Barrister and Solicitor since 2008, I’ve found an unparalleled source of growth in my university’s Criminology Club. This space has helped me cultivate invaluable skills and connections, adding a potent edge to my qualifications, which include an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminology, a law degree, a Graduate Certificate in Distance Education from Penn State and a Masters of National Security from the American Military University (AMU) to name a few.

Today, I work as a cybercrime analyst for an Australian Federal Government agency. This role requires me to stay on top of emerging cybercrime trends and engage effectively with various stakeholders. In this quest for continual upskilling, the Criminology Club has proven instrumental. Its diverse, captivating sessions — from expert guest speakers to insightful podcast hosts — have enabled me to keep pace with my field’s dynamic demands.

But it’s not just about gaining knowledge; it’s also about the rich tapestry of interactions the club offers. It’s a vibrant platform to meet a mix of students, alumni, and faculty from all corners of the globe, where we exchange ideas, learn from one another, and create lasting bonds over informal Zoom sessions.

As the club’s recently appointed Professional Development Officer, (volunteer) I get to work with our dynamic President and Club Secretary. We’re not just holding meetings; we’re cultivating a deeper understanding of the criminal justice profession, fostering our university’s spirit, and above all — we’re having a great time!

I’m proud to flaunt my club involvement on my LinkedIn profile, and it’s always a fantastic ice-breaker at networking events and conferences. And yes, we even have our very own club T-shirts that we wear with pride, sparking conversations wherever we go.

Don’t stay on the sidelines — make the leap and explore your university’s Criminology Club. It’s a journey of engagement, growth, and camaraderie that you won’t regret. Dive in and witness the transformative impact it can have on your academic and professional life. After all, the club is more than just a platform; it’s a community where you are welcomed, supported, and celebrated.

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