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Bradley W. Deacon
7 min readMay 15, 2021

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Those that know me, know I prefer to turn a negative into a positive, and the global pandemic COVID19 has been a monumental negative that has enabled people to analyze and reset their lives.

To appreciate the concept of a Cyber Walk and Talk on the new Twitter Spaces platform it is important I share the journey that has led to the idea of hosting Cyber Walk and Talks in this era of video fatigue.

Video fatigued may have made some people resentful of the FaceTime or Zoom calls that came after-hours to catch up with friends and family or to try to professionally network.

Audio only is now starting to become the new medium, with the social media platform Clubhouse paving the way for people to create ‘rooms’ for people to talk about any topic or just chat.

Audio streaming, whether talking, bingeing a podcast, or listening to an audiobook, has become a favourite pandemic habit for many people. (Washington Post, 2021)


At the outset of the pandemic, in March 2020, I was en-route to take up a fellowship at Yales Cyber Leadership Forum in the USA and had secured a week off to have some special time with my daughter before I left Australia at Queensland’s Gold Coast.

As I was about to leave Australia, Yale had postponed the forum and Queensland was going into lockdown, resulting in me securing my ocean view apartment for a 1/5th of the daily rate as the apartment complex could not take any new bookings and the 180 or so apartments only had a handful of residents securing accommodation on lockdown.

With businesses and government agencies pivoting and shifting their workforce to work from home (WFH) to enable business as usual (BAU), I was fortunate to have an employer that enabled me to WFH whilst on the Gold Coast.

To compound the issues of the pandemic, I had to have emergency surgery and was hospitalized for three days. The safest place for me to be in recovery was in a community that was in lockdown that had limited local transmission of COVID cases.

Bradley W. Deacon

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