I'm a Cyber Crime Analyst, qualified non-practising lawyer & author living in Sydney, Australia. I am an advocate for strategies to prevent technology-facilitated crime; as a personal interest, I eat and breathe social media strategies to grow brands, and thrive on emerging issues in cyber and laws relating to tech.

I am a proud Ambassador of the American Military University (AMU) and a General Board Member of AMU's Alumni Advisory Council. I love to network with like-minded people. You can check out my books at Deacon Online Org

Why not book a time to chat via my Deacon Online page. Once you select a time, I will send you a Google Meet video call link. (All times are before or at the end of my typical workday in cyber or on weekends)

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Bradley W. Deacon

Bradley W. Deacon

Cyber Crime Analyst Former 🕵️‍♀️ Non-Practising Lawyer Ambassador American Military University Author of Effinmoments in 40,000+ bookstores & online 📸 hack ☮️