A Simple Guide To Help You Choose Being a Podcast Host or Podcast Guest

Bradley W. Deacon
3 min readMay 18, 2022
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Podcasts are popping up every day. Someone is promoting their podcasts, former sporting stars, celebrities, reality television personalities, and so-called influencers or, as they like to be referred to, content creators.

On the other end of the spectrum, mums and dads, business leaders and subject matter experts are all having a crack at producing a single podcast or podcast series.

The current state of play

Before you start, take a look at the current state of play of how many podcasts are out there.

Top 24 podcast statistics you need to know in 2022,” n.d.

Now that you know what is out in the market, it is time to think of a strategy to be a host or a guest.

Cutting through the noise

Your energy should first start with researching how you will gain some cut through. I always recommend starting as a guest on a podcast series, and I have prepared a slide deck in Prezi to help you consider a range of strategies.

My experience as a podcast guest

I was recently a guest on a very polished podcast series, All Jargon Aside, recorded from New York. It is an excellent example of how a host is well prepared, and the production was first-rate, with some humour and a pop quiz thrown in.

I am now preparing to be a guest once more for a London based Intelligence Analyst-focused podcast series. I am very impressed by the organisation's approach and look forward to being a part of one of the upcoming episodes.



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