The following sections are provided as a sneak peek for attendees at my Digital Innovation Festival Presentation in August 2021 #DIF21 and feel free to follow my website for publication updates.

Grow Your Brand By Being Social is being published by Tablo Publishing in late 2021 and will be available as an eBook at all good online outlets and it will be priced under $10.00 USD.

Some examples of online retailers that you can order the book from are: Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Booktopia, Dymocks, Scribd, Kobo, Readings, Vital Source, Take A Lot, Adlibris, Bokus, Americanas

1st Section…


We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. With this, the idea of a book around #effinmoments was conceived. Demonstrating that we have all had such moments.

Life is full of everyday stresses, and in the digital age, it seems that it is only becoming more and more stressful as technology evolves. Never before have we witnessed such a change in our way of life. Sociologists often refer to technological advancements as the 4th revolution.

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. It is here that I identified a need for an escape to help…

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Grow Your Brand by Being Social (Social Media With A Difference)

An interactive question and answer session with an award-winning social media influencer.

Social Media with a difference, this session does a deep dive into social media and provides an overview of a range of strategies that are featured in my upcoming book. (To be launched at #DIF21).

Grow Your Brand By Being Social or ‘GYBBBS’ for short (Post-COVID lockdown) is not another ‘how to book’, it is a guide with an innovative twist. We dive into Podcasts, where we explore how you can build your brand as a guest…

Approximately eleven years ago I was looking at setting up a personal web page and discovered About.Me who at the time was owned by AOL. It was an inexpensive way to get a single ‘splash’ page published on the Internet that was easy to set up and push out.

The page was a one-stop destination to showcase what you do, it provided links to your socials, email and it had a ‘wow factor’ about it for its time. …

Each Sunday, I will be sharing a brief snapshot of my upcoming eBook ‘Grow Your Brand By Being Social’ for Medium subscribers, and this weeks section is ‘Founder and Content Director’ with next weeks section being ‘Social Media For Positive Outcomes’.

I look forward to bringing you exclusive access to these sections each week and don't forget to keep an eye on my website for updates and connect with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Founder and Content Director

Bradley W. Deacon can be found on Twitter and Instagram under the ‘handles’ @bradleywdeacon. A former Federal Agent, qualified non-practising Australian Lawyer and in the…

Those that know me, know I prefer to turn a negative into a positive, and the global pandemic COVID19 has been a monumental negative that has enabled people to analyze and reset their lives.

To appreciate the concept of a Cyber Walk and Talk on the new Twitter Spaces platform it is important I share the journey that has led to the idea of hosting Cyber Walk and Talks in this era of video fatigued.

Video fatigued may have made some people resentful of the FaceTime or Zoom calls that came after-hours to catch up with friends and family or…

In today’s digital society, individuals and in particular, high profile persons frequently become the targets of unwanted and intrusive attention from members of the public. Generally, these individuals are targeted because of who they are, what they do, or what they are perceived to represent. This attention usually takes the form of inappropriate, demanding, delusional or explicit communications, but can escalate to threatening or violent behaviour.

The increase in ‘fixated persons’ incidence is exasperated by the ‘digital age’ where the fixated behaviour now also incorporates online stalking, abuse and or blackmail.

There is a strong correlation between engagement in this…

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After tutoring a successful Cyber Law Unit in a Masters of IT Security degree over summer, I observed that the students embraced the unit. Some students have since made contact with me to discuss the challenges facing CIO’s and IT Security teams where they went over some of the issues facing IT Security departments.

It appears that some CEO’s do not appreciate the challenges facing CIO’s and IT Security teams and they also do not appreciate what private sector digital forensic investigators and law enforcement agencies face when investigating cyber attacks, particularly ones that originate from overseas.

The Internet can…

The terms Darknet and ‘Deep Web’ are a minefield of intrigue and anonymity that brings with it a range of activities that most internet users would only ever believe that exists in a ‘Hollywood movie’ let alone a real-world labyrinth of sordid, illegal and ever so dangerous acts that are growing exponentially.

The Darknet and Deep Web are often used as synonyms, but there is a distinction. The Deep Web refers to all online material, including the Darknet and mainstream sites, that is not indexed or not accessible through search engines. For example, a majority of the content on Facebook…

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I often get asked ‘What got you into cyber, as you do not appear to have a computer science degree?’ Which takes me back to when I joined the Australian Federal Police in 1991, at a time when they were transitioning from typewriters to computers. Luckily, my Superintendent at the time identified that I was an ‘early adopter’ and approved every course available for me to upskill with this new ‘computer technology’ that was revolutionising how we work and communicate.

After a couple of years in the AFP, an opportunity arose to work in the newly formed Computer Crime Unit…

Bradley Deacon

Aussie Coffee Lover, Former 'G' Man & Non-Practising Lawyer. Snr Cyber Crime Analyst & Educator, Penn State Alumni, American Military Uni Ambassador, Photo Hack

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